Riviera Tomahawk – Complete

The goal of Product of the Week section is to provide you a product analyzed by our riders. this week is the Riviera Tomahawk.

The complete deck includes:

  • Regular Grip
  • Divine City Slashers 64mm / 78a
  • Bearing Abec 5
  • Paris street Trucks 149m

The Riviera tomahawk Board is designed to do everything you want

The Riviera tomahawk Board is designed to do everything you want if you like to shred the town, killing a bowl, a ramp, a skatepark,…
With a length of 33.6 inch and a Width of 10inch, you gonna have perfect compromise between stability and reactivity.
There is also a wheelbase of 16.5 and a perfect concave to be really locked on your board when you have to.
The tail give you an amazing pop. So you can do some tricks as you can bombing hills like a fucking pirate!


But it’s a complete deck so you also have the Divine City slashers wheels 64mm, 78a and a contact patch of 40mm. Its a very good combination for standup slides and it will be really comfortable on a mini-ramp or a skatepark.

Which trucks?

The Paris street trucks are made for that kind of board because it’s a higher profile, so you’re not gonna need to put risers if you don’t want to.

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